Palmento (known as Lagare in Portugal) is an open shallow granite or concrete vat.

The ones we use at Poggio Trevvalle are made of concrete. The grapes, in part destemmed and in part whole cluster, are deposited into the vats directly from a conveyor belt, placed at the end of the grape sorting table.

Each vat is filled with enough grapes to reach a depth just over knee-height. At this stage the same people that have worked at the sorting table , bare footed and bare legged, climb into the vat and start the treading  of the freshly picked grapes.

The naked human foot is actually ideal in that it applies just enough pressure to crush the grapes, but at the same time is soft enough to avoid shattering, crushing any of the grape seeds, releasing acids and bitter flavours into the juice.

Cap punch-down are carried out manually two or more times a day until the fermentation ends. No maceration is carried on at the end of the alcoholic fermentation.